Donald Rumsfeld is Dead. WONDERFUL! Now He Cannot Do Evil Anymore…

The War in Iraq Made NO Sense Even in George Bush The Son’s “Backwards World” – Totally Insane!

On 9/11/2001 Saudi Arabians Attacked the USA but We COULD NOT ATTACK THEM so we Attacked a Different Country that Had Nothing at All to Do with 9/11, Had No Weapons of Mass Destruction and Had No Ties to Al-Qaeda… BUT… Iraq was Weak and We Could Blow them Up Without Making our Masters in Saudi Arabia Angry… After All… We Were Addicted to Saudi OIL and NOTHING Could Stop The Flow… Not Even Hijacked Airplanes Flying into the World Trade Center…

Donald Rumsfeld Shaking Hands With Saddam

Donald Rumsfeld sold Weapons to Iraq at the same time the USA was selling weapons to Iran… Iraq and Iran Had a War and Killed People While We Made a Profit!  Eventually We Left Vast Amounts of Depleted Uranium Bullets in Iraq… Causing Miscarriages… That’s GENOCIDE…

The Virginia-based American Type Culture Collection company admitted selling the anthrax strains to Saddam Hussein’s government in 1985… WTF? Why Would We Sell Saddam ANTHRAX?


“I blame the internal combustion engine for the warming up of our atmosphere.” – Said JH – and I Replied: Methane is a Serious Problem Too:

Cow farts… Pig Farts too… Really… Eating Meat Causes Global Warming… The Farming of Meat Causes More Greenhouse Gasses than All Cars and Trucks COMBINED… HOWEVER… I’m going to Continue to Eat Meat… and Cheese… and Ice Cream…  Maybe Switch to Impossible Burgers or Beyond Meat… But I’m Keeping the Ice Cream and Cheese…

JH SAID: Greenhouse gasses yes, but the internal combustion engine takes in cool air mixes it with fuel and dumps hot air out the exhaust, and there are millions and millions of them running 24/7 365 days a year.

My little white truck with an original painting on the hood…
an American Flag Heart by gvan42

I replied: I Have Driven a Car Just for Fun… a LOT… It was not Unusual for me to Drive from Washington DC To Pittsburg, PA just to attend a Grateful Dead Concert… or Norfolk, Virginia… or Philadelphia, PA… OR Fly to Oakland, CA… Often We would Travel to New York City Just for Something to Do on a Friday Night… 

NOW… I Don’t Own a Car… and I only go to Doctor’s Appointments Via LYFT… At 67 Years of age I’m Not Motivated to Travel… BUT… 

Millions of People Drive Every Freaking Day to Get to Work… Sometimes Huge Distances… People Drive from Sacramento to a Job in San Francisco… CRAZY… But People Have to Work and The Jobs are NOT Located Near Homes… and YET… We Have Abandoned Shopping Malls near Homes… and Tech Companies COULD Relocate to an Empty Store…

RB Said: Airplanes and coal fired power plants have gigantic carbon footprints 🙄

I Replied: I have not Flown in a Jet Airplane in Over 20 Years… I Had to Meet my In-laws soon after I Married their Daughter… I was Living in Eureka, CA and They Were in Delaware… I can’t Think of ANY VALID EXCUSE NOW for Flying in a Jet Airplane… ZOOM is Good Enough for me… 

I Believe We Will FAIL to Avoid Climate Change and Temperatures of 130 Degrees Will Become Common in The Western USA… and Our Climate Will become Similar to Saudi Arabia… after all the Trees Burn… Sorry to be “Debbie Downer” but MY PLAN is to Move to The Coast of NorCal or Oregon… or Canada… or Alaska… It’s Cool and Rainy There… Arcata and Eureka Have the Best Chances of Avoiding Wildfires That will Burn the Rest of the State… Maybe Not This Year but Certainly During My Lifetime… 

Just Fleeing North is a Great Plan Until… WE RUN OUT OF NORTH! Eventually, The Only Place to Live Will Be The North Pole AND THEN WHAT?

Bicycle 12 volt DC Generator Arcata, CA CCAT HSU 

CONVERT HUMAN FAT INTO ELECTRICITY With an Exercise Bicycle Power Generator. ZERO POLLUTION. Simply Use the Bicycle to Drive an Automobile Alternator with a Belt… Store Electricity in a Car Battery…Hundreds of Thousands of exercise Bicycles ALREADY EXIST and they Create ZERO Electricity… Let’s All Email PELOTON and ask them toBuild USEFUL Power Generator Bicycles!

Bicycle power generator. HSU CCAT

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